Finger Food

Have a look at our latest selection of finger food items  from which you can create your own menu.


With our free delivery service on orders over 50 Euro, you can get your food delivered straight to your door, making us the perfect option for you.


  • 1 item of each is provided 
  • Minimum order varies depening on the item
  • It is ideal to place your order at the earliest possible date, to avoid disappointment
  • Neriku Catering offers a FREE delivery service for food orders over 50 Euro
  • All prices are inclusive of 18% VAT


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Angels on Horseback

Chicken liver, wrapped in streaky bacon

Arancini with ragu

Gourmet golden breaded rice balls filled with ragu

Asian Chicken Slider

Slow cooked, shredded chicken in a gourmet bread bun

Assorted Fancy Cakes

An assortment of bite size sweet items

Avocado Sushi

A Japanese dish of specially prepared vinegared rice combined with avocado

Bacon Cheesy Quiche Tartlet

Savory crispy crust filled with egg, bacon, caramelized onions & melted cheese

Beef Kofta Kebab with Korma sauce

Add an exotic Middle Eastern taste to your menu with beef koftas; ground meat with spices

Beef Skewer

Tender, juicy rib eye skewer

Biskuttini (500 g)

Traditional Maltese sweets made from pure ground almond

Breaded Chicken Strip

Chicken strips coated with cripsy breadcrumbs

Breaded Involtini of Veal

Breaded involtini of veal with Brie & Parma ham

Brie & Mushrooms mini Baguette

Roasted balsamic mushrooms, brie, garlic mayo and fresh rucola

Roast Beef & Piccalilli Wrap

Classic wrap cut in bite size, filled with slow cooked Irish beef, green leaves & piccalilli


Definitely one that is a crowd pleaser. Classic wrap cut in bite size filled with grilled chicken breast, basil pesto spread and authentic chickpea hummus

Cheese Cake

Flaky, delicious cheese cake

Cheese Sandwich

Red Leicester paste finger sandwich

Cheese Turnover

Oven baked pastry filled with cheese

Chicken & Mushroom Duxelle Vol - au - Vent

Seasoned chicken breast & mushroom duxelles stuffed in a flaky puff pastry

Chicken Gyoza

Steamed chicken dumpling

Chicken Nuggets

An all time favourite for kids. Chicken pieces coated in a crispy batter

Chicken Pesto & Hummus Club Sandwich

Triple decker sandwich filled with a layer of grilled chicken breast & basil pesto spread and a layer of authentic chickpea hummus

Chicken Satay Skewer

Luscious tender chicken skewers with peanut satay sauce

Chicken Yakitori Skewer

Japenese style chicken yakitori skewer

Chocolate Tart filled with Custard and Fresh Fruit

Hard, rich chocolate shell filled with custard cream, topped with fresh, seasonal fruit

Chorizo Savory Muffin

Impress your guest with something different! Moist chorizo savory muffin

Crab Claw in Breadcrumbs

Crab Claws coated in crispy breadcrumbs

Crispy Torpedo Shrimp

Juicy shrimp coated with seasoned breadcrumbs

Deviled quail egg

Deviled quail egg in a tartlet

Dolce alle Mandorle (500g)

Sweets made from a delicious mix of pure ground almond almond & sugar, decorated with icing

Duck breast, blue cheese & caramelised pears

Smoked duck breast, blue cheese & caramelised pears canape

Duck Spring Roll

Light, crisp-crackly pastry filled with shredded duck with Chinese flavours

Curried Egg Mayo Sandwich

Finger sandwich stuffed with a curried egg & mayo spread


Add different flavours to your menu with deep fried chickpea balls with Middle Eastern spices. Item DOES NOT come with a sauce.

Feta & mashed minted Peas tartlet

Greek Feta and mashed minted peas tartlet

Feta & Spinach Twirl

Filo pastry pinwheel filled with feta & spinach

Fresh Fruit Skewers

Colourful, seasonal and healthy fruit skewers

Fried Camembert Cheese

Crispy coated Camembert cheese

Gourmet sausage roll

The sausage is made in house with a special blend of spices, wrapped in a golden brown, flaky pastry and topped with poppy seeds.

Zucchini, Onions & Sweet Pepper Wrap

Classic wrap cut in bite size, filled with sweet pepper pesto, pumpkin chutney, roasted zucchini and pickled onion

Ham & Cheese Sandwich

Smoked ham & red Leicester paste finger sandwich

Ham Sandwich

Smoked ham finger sandwich

Ice cream

All time favourite. Fresh, creamy individually portioned ice cream. Different flavours are available. This item is only available when the food order is accompanied with waiter service.


A traditional Maltese dessert item. Deep fried dates filled pastry

Kannoli Di Sfoglia with Maltese Ricotta

Delicious crunchy kannoli di sfolgia filled with local Maltese sweetened ricotta

Lamb Kofta Kebab with Tahini sauce

Add an exotic Middle Eastern taste to your menu with lamb koftas; ground meat with spices

Layered smoked salmon on crunchy croute

Layered smoked salmon & dill fromage a la creme on a crunchy wholegrain croute

Meat Ball

Meat balls in hoisin sauce

Millefoglie of flatbread with Mexican beef

Millefoglie of flatbread with Mexican beef with mojo verde

Mini Donuts

Fluffy sugar coated mini donuts

Mini Cheese Burger

Mini meat patty with onion marmalade & mature cheese in a brioche bun

Mini Chicken Veg Pie

An all time favorite. Creamy and full of flavor, chicken pie.

Mini Kiev

Delicious mini golden chicken breaded ball with a cheesy garlic filling

Mini Pizza

Mini stone baked pizza topped with herbed tomato sauce & melted cheese

Mini Sausage Roll

Oven baked sausage roll with sesame seeds

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

Herb battered mozzorella sticks

Nacho cheese


Octopus Salad (In cups)

Marinated octopus in olive oil with garlic, olives & pickled vegetables served in a mini portioned cup