5 Tips on How to Make your Small Xmas Party a Success

Christmas is a time of love and joy. People come together in gratitude for all the good things in life. But in so doing, stress can be quick to creep in. Expectations and pressure can create anxiety, in those who want to make it special for their friends, family or colleagues. 


This year might be particularly challenging given the circumstances surrounding the pandemic. Booking a table at a restaurant may be difficult due to reduced tables, only small gatherings can take place and some people don't feel comfortable meeting up!


We’re sure that this is run of the mill for quite a few of you out there. But for those whose alarm bells have started blaring, rest assured -- Neriku can help! Here are some of our best tips for those planning to host their own Christmas party this year:


WHO: Is this a family affair? Or a virtual office party?  Get that list together early on so you can get a feel of the kind of party you want. This will determine the budget and the logistics you need. 


WHEN: We may think that most people get the ball rolling well ahead of time for a Christmas party, but the reality is very different. Our advice is to have a guest list, a date and time set asap so everyone marks it in their calendars.  


HOW: Establish your budget before going forward. It’s easy to get carried away with all the excitement. Also do not forget to sort out a theme, music and/or entertainment such as karaoke, board games for the night.


WHERE: Are you hosting this at your home? at work? online? Wherever you host your event, the more fascinating the place will look, the nicer the vibe will be.


WHAT: Food is the star of the show at any Maltese celebration so this is where Neriku can come in to lend a helping hand. Options are plenty! Finger food items are always well received. Thirteen to twenty items is usually a rule of thumb for us and usually ensures that there aren’t a lot of leftovers. One can opt for the traditional finger food items or else you can include some trendy items. This year, we are also offering individually packed gourmet platters for those virtual parties; Turkish Meze and Cheese & Salami Platter. The platters are colourful, filling whilst also go hand in hand with the concept of people having a drink, chat & nibbling over a platter.  


Add some Christmas carols and charades to the mix and now all you have to do is call Neriku and send the invites! Happy Xmas, everyone!


Author: Darien Doneo, Function Manager at Neriku Catering

Editor: Cassi Camilleri

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