Taste the 'Gram!

A couple of years ago, a study by scientists in San Diego showed a positive correlation between people who photographed their food and an increased savouring of pleasurable foods. In simple terms, they basically found that people who flood their Instagram feeds with food shots, enjoy what’s on their plate more!


Is this true or just a perception in one’s mind? I’m pretty sure it’s the latter, but one cannot underestimate the huge impact that social media and user-generated content is having in everyone’s life, across multiple industries and facets. With screen-time on the rise across all age groups, brands are shifting their strategies online, in order to take their fair share of the somewhat messy digital media world.


But how can you stand out in today’s busy digital world? How will people stop to see your post and not scroll past the hundreds of adverts we are inundated with daily? Here are the three key points to keep in mind when developing social media strategies:


1) BE TRUE to your brand. In a world dominated by pompous content and fake news, trends are shifting towards cleaner, more honest approaches. Showing a true picture of what you do, and how you do it, will develop long-lasting relationships between your brand and your customers, ones that don’t fade away as quick as the next Instagram post.


2) NURTURE A RELATIONSHIP with your audience. Digital strategies should be built around human interactions – remember there is always a person behind the screen, and anything you put out on your feeds must always revolve around the human element.


3) ANALYSE YOUR DATA and optimise your content. Numbers rarely lie, and digital media has opened up a plethora of tools for marketeers in order to analyse the effectivity of their campaigns and improve them based on clear data. And always remember - likes don’t get you money, sales do!


Together with any digital strategy implemented, comes a fundamental piece of the puzzle that can never be forgotten. The slickest marketing campaigns must be combined by an unparalleled drive to give your customers the best experience possible when interacting with your brand. From the very first touch point till that post-sale review, the customer must be kept at the centre of your sight – prioritising their needs and understanding their desires.


Only a constant, multi-faceted effort can keep your brand at the top of its game, retaining its clientele, attracting new audiences and ultimately pushing the boundaries of your industry.


Author: Mario Cachia, Co - Founder & Managing Director at Sancho, a creative & modern marketing agency

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